St Louis Cardinals Fan Arrested For Threatening To Bomb Boston On Twitter

cards fan threatens boston


Being an idiot never seems to pay off.

Police in St Louis arrested Bobby Metzinger after a series of what have to be some of the most insensitive and downright appalling tweets ever seen.

Though a native Mid-Westerner, Metzinger is a Yankee fan, who has taken to rooting for the Cardinals to take down the Red Sox. Somewhere along the way Metzinger went from having a playful hatred of the Sox to being a flat-out lunactic.

Metzinger had a habit of using his twitter page to spew his hatred of Obama, love of guns and show rousing support for George Zimmerman…lovely man.

Here’s the some of the tweets Metzinger put out from his now deleted account.

RT “@bobbymetzinger: The will be another finish line not crossed by .”

@bobbymetzinger: Putting my loft up for a ridiculous “Boston-only” rate for the . Pressure cooker sold separately.”

The Iron Sheik even called the crazed man out

That’s when Metzinger tweeted out lyrics to a song by the band Offspring which referenced gun violence:

RT @bobbymetzinger: Listening to the Offspring’s “Bad Habit” and the lyrics just ring true of what will go down very soon.

That’s when people began reporting Metzinger to the police and he was subsequently arrested.

Surely the appropriate actions were taken and let’s just hope this man receives the help he truly needs from a mental facility.

H/T: Deadspin

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  • Why would the headline read “Cards Fan” when this nut is a Yankee’s fan. I also dislike Obama (his policy ideas anyway), love guns and support Zimmermann’s right to self defense. Does that make me a “lovely man” as well.

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