Kevin Garnett Gave Nets “Heated Lecture” After Blowout Loss To Magic


The Brooklyn Nets may have championship aspirations and potential on paper, but if they don’t play with a sense of urgency by they might become the biggest assembled disappointment to come through the league in sometime.

According to the New York Post, Garnett was seething mad after the Nets were blown out in Orlando, and fell to 1-2.  Andre Blatche said KG let his teammates have it on the plane.

It was all enough to leave Kevin Garnett seething afterwards. Garnett had said after the game, “We’ll be on the plane … we’ll have a conversation about it.” Blatche said that, eventually, Garnett did just that.

“He was upset,” Blatche said of the future Hall of Famer. “He was upset, all the way from the bus to the plane, he was really upset. … We just gave him his space so he can cool off. [Then] he said his piece and we all took it in.”

It seems safe to assume Garnett’s message was for the Nets to come out with much better focus and energy for Tuesday night’s game against the 0-3 Jazz in Brooklyn. Like the Magic, the Jazz are a team heavily reliant on young players. And, like the Magic, the Jazz are a team that would love nothing more than to beat the Nets, who will always have teams ready to play them thanks to their star-studded roster and sky-high payroll.

Garnett didn’t put off retirement, and Pierce didn’t leave Boston, or miss out on L.A. for a first round flame out in Brooklyn.