Report: Knicks Have No Interest In Iman Shumpert-Dion Waiters Deal

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Chicago Bulls

Amid reports that the Cavaliers are shopping Dion Waiters, the New York Post is reporting that the New York Knicks have no interest in a an Iman Shumpert for Dion Waiters trade that was previously reported.

An report stated the Cavaliers asked about Shumpert as they shop young guard Dion Waiters. The Knicks aren’t interested in Waiters as they are looking for frontcourt help, not another shooting guard.

On Tuesday, Woodson called the notion he doesn’t like Shumpert “bull—-” in the wake of a performance in Portland that looked as if Shumpert had quit on the coach.

Woodson is trying to push the right buttons for Shumpert now — and at least to increase his trade value.

I still think the 76ers are the best possible destination.