Twodel Tries to Expose Orlando Scandrick Cheating on Draya (Photos)

I don’t think this is too bad, but you have to be aware of who you are sending messages to. Especially when you are dating a high profile reality show girl that a lot others girls don’t care for.

My advice to Orlando is keep the social media pimping to a minimum.

Ana Orlando Scandrick 7

It appears she may have be an Ex-Girlfriend, but whatever the case, be a little smarter Orlando.

And for dear god woman, get your screen fixed.

ana Orlando Scandrick ana Orlando

Just in case you wanted to see….



4 thoughts on “Twodel Tries to Expose Orlando Scandrick Cheating on Draya (Photos)

  • Ummmm those texts are from months ago and she had to go to her old phone to get the texts. She’s had 3 phones since then. Find something else negative to say.

    • well if they from months ago ummm hello he was with Draya months ago … duuuuhhhh

  • Sideline piece. She’s got that druggie face/skin (when not covered in tons of makeup). She probably swallows and takes it in any hole so what do you expect? Side chics always trying to win. Take a seat

  • lol I met her a few times..she actually really nice and pretty in person…this was a lame move though…

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