Jerry Jones’ Reaction to Kyle Orton’s INT Sums Up the Cowboys Season (Video)


Dallas Cowboys v Cincinnati Bengals

Jerry GONE……..

He let out a Otis yell on his way out.

Jerry Jones mad

H/T Buzzfeed Sports


  1. LMAO!!!!…hey, I’m a true-blu GIANTS fan and I’m lovin’ this! Yes, JJ has only himself to blame for this (yet again) debacle…and what’s even funnier was the situation pertaining to the 40 second clock (error)…it’s THEIR HOME FIELD DUDES!!!..they screwed there own team…lol!!! c’mon COWGIRLS???…you don’t even have Tony Choko to blame for this one! hahahahaha!!! Ironic…different QB, same result!!! WTF???

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