Brian Urlacher: Bears Getting Rid Of Lovie Smith’s Old Players


Could the Chicago Bears be in the process of a complete purge of all the players who were apart of the Lovie Smith regime?

Well according to Brian Urlacher, that assumption is correct.  During an interview on ESPN radio, Urlacher says the new guy, Trestman, wants to move away from the Smith regime.

“What I’m thinking is the new guy that came in there, he’s just trying to get rid of all of Lovie’s players is the way I feel about it,” said Urlacher, now an analyst at Fox Sports 1, during Tuesday’s “Waddle and Silvy Show” on ESPN 1000. “I think there’s gonna be other guys around there that are gone as well that have been really good players for that team for a long time. You get older, that’s what happens.”

Sounds like Urlacher still has some unresolved information.

The comments came in regards to the Bears possibly letting Charles Tillman walk in free agency.