Carmelo On Facing Heat: ‘We Can’t Run From Them’


The New York Knicks are playing good, confident basketball, and Carmelo doesn’t want that to stop just because the Miami Heat are next.

Melo told ESPN New York that the Knicks can’t run from their next opponent, who just so happen to be the two time reigning NBA champs.

“That’s who we play next?” Anthony asked. “Honestly, I did not know. We’ve got to face them someway, somehow. One day or the other. When do we play? Thursday?”

“We’ve got to face them,” Anthony said. “It is what it is. We can’t run from them. I think we’re getting better each day.”

The Knicks have won 3 out of 4, allowing Carmelo to proclaim that they are getting better.

“Them guys are playing well,” Anthony said of Miami. “We’ve got to lace our sneakers up like they do come Thursday.”