Fight Between Guy & Cute Girl Ends in Rear Naked Choke Hold (Video)


cute mma girl

The Sports Grid was talking about the upcoming Rousey vs. McMann fight at UFC 170, when they dropped this beauty of a video in their post.

A couple of things, it looks like the guy is a bit distracted. Maybe it is because the girl is hot, maybe it is because he likes her or because he thought he might hurt her.

Whatever the case, when it looked like things were going his way, this happened.

If it wasn’t 20 other dudes in the room, he probably wouldn’t have minded being choked out.


  1. Is it just me or does it seem excessive to choke someone into unconsciousness in a living room-party environment? Seems like she went batshit nuts when she got the choke, and celebrated a little over the top.

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