Lebron Gets Photobombed by Battier During SB


It’s no secret the Miami Heat are famous for photobombing each other any chance they get, and thanks to Shane Battier, Super Bowl Sunday was no different. Terez Owens has a photo of Lebron watching the game with intensity while Shane Battier lurks in the background.

Now I appreciate the great basketball player that Lebron is, but drinking wine while watching a Super Bowl seems so taboo. In fact, wine should never be allowed at sporting events period! Sorry Lebron but between the wine and Shane’s photobomb, this picture will have to go into the fail category.

One thought on “Lebron Gets Photobombed by Battier During SB

  • natasha paul, your comment= #fail #corny #tryagain #notfunny #booooo #gohome

    ps #paychex = #fail

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