Raymond Felton’s Wife Tells Cops About His Multiple Side Chicks

Raymond Felton Ariane Raymondo

Did the cops really need to know about Felton’s cheating ways?

Was that the real reason she took his illegal gun to the cops was to get back at him for having mistresses?

Things that make you go hmmmmmmm…..Here is what she told the cops according to NY Post.

Estranged wife Ariane Raymondo-Felton told cops that the hoops star was a serial cheat, carrying on with more than one mistress during their 19-month marriage, which is now headed for divorce, sources said.
“[Felton’s wife said] he was constantly cheating” with multiple women, a law enforcement source said.

The final incident occurred on Valentine’s Day, when Felton, 29, pulled the loaded firearm and waved it at his wife while they were arguing about “bull—- domestic stuff” in their posh Upper West Side pad, a source said.

“It was obviously done to intimidate me,” Raymondo-Felton later told cops about her husband’s gunplay, according to one source.

Fed up, Raymondo-Felton filed for divorce four days later and consulted with her attorney about her concerns over Felton’s gun, sources said.

In my mind, this comes down to if Felton’s wife felt afraid for her life or was she just pissed off he was cheating on her on regular basis.

Granted, Felton shouldn’t have an illegal firearm in the home, but the gun was there for over a year.  Doesn’t seem like  a coincidence she went to cops after she filed for divorce.

Felton facing up to seven years in jail on weapons charges.

5 thoughts on “Raymond Felton’s Wife Tells Cops About His Multiple Side Chicks

  • Hell have no fury worse than a woman scorned. This was obvious get back at this dude for disrespecting her and the marriage by cheating the whole time they were married. It’s get back in the worse way too because now he’s possibly going to lose his freedom for awhile. It’s sad but this is the tangled web you weave when you lie and deceive. It’s obvious she not only wanted to hurt him but possibly destroy in in the process of getting her revenge. He will go broke paying divorce lawyers and criminal attorneys trying to keep his money and keep himself out of jail. Then if he’s in jail he can’t play so he can’t get paid. She knew what she was doing. She’s also a law student so she knew just how to get back him.

  • Raymond should never have married a women while playing in the NBA and one smarter than himself.

    • Great point. She will try to take him to the cleaners if she can.

      • This is very personal for her. If she wanted to hurt she could have just phucked his best friend but nah this is very personal. She wanted to destroy him to where he loses his freedom and money. You really have to wonder if she ever really loved him. I know he brought all of this on himself but to turn him in like that is pretty nasty. But in all fairness who knows all of the things he did to her besides cheat. There is always two sides to a story.

        • Still, no matter how much he cheated, that turn the gun in thing was really to hurt him and his career. If she was mad about the cheating the divorce took care of that.She wasn’t scared of the gun for 18 of the 19 months they were married. She wants to destroy him. Court fees, and depending on the outcome he may have to pay her court and lawyer fees too.Alimony,in Cali it’s half if no prenup I don’t know what it is in NY but you can bet the woman comes out on top.

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