Kobe On Lakers Blowout: “Misery = Motivation”


The Lakers made the worse kind of history last night as they became the squad to lose by the largest margin in their 142 – 94 beat down at the hands of their in-town rival Clippers.  And it’s probably a good thing Bean wasn’t on hand to witness it.

In response to the embarrassment Kobe sent a simple response.

The only problem is, Kobe can have all the motivation in the world…he can’t do it by himself. But after last night the Lakers should have enough misery to motivate them for a lifetime.

3 thoughts on “Kobe On Lakers Blowout: “Misery = Motivation”

  • Jim Buss is the worse owner in the NBA! That is a fact! D’Antoni is the worse coach in the NBA! That is a fact! To get blown out by the Clippers by that many points is beyond embarrassing! If D’Antoni is still the Lackers head coach next season, the Lackers deserve to lose every single game!

    • Is Buss worse than Dolan?

  • At this point, if the Lackers played the Washington Generals, the Generals would win! If the Lackers played any of those D-League teams, the D-League team would win!

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