OU LB Frank Shannon Won’t Be Charged With Rape; Accuser Changed Mind


frank Shannon

The accuser and Shannon are the only two people who know what happened in that room.

The accuser’s version is Shannon attempted to have sex with her, she said no, he went to the bathroom and she left. Shannon’s version is the accuser attempted to have sex with him, he decided against it because he believe she was on her period, he went to the bathroom and she left upset at him.

No matter who you believe, one thing seems clear, Shannon either by his own choice or once the accuser raised objections didn’t have sex with her. That is the main reason along with the fact that the accuser changed her mind about cooperating is why there won’t be any charges.

The woman involved in a sexual assault allegation against Oklahoma linebacker Frank Shannon does not wish to file charges against Shannon, according to the Cleveland County District Attorney’s office.

Cleveland County D.A. Greg Mashburn confirmed to the Tulsa World on Thursday that his office would not charge Shannon, accused of sexually assaulting a woman at his apartment on Jan. 20, because the complainant did not wish to prosecute and because the facts presented by the two parties were not clear.

Sadly for Shannon, he might still be disciplined by OU even though it is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.

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