Report: Rape Kit Administered to Woman in Kaepernick Investigation

Colin Kaepernick Hat

Colin Kaepernick came out strongly on Twitter and denied any wrongdoing in this investigation he has been linked to. TMZ has stood by its story and now is doubling down even more. They say that there was a rape kit administered to the victim at the hospital:

We’re told … cops were summoned to the hospital where the woman wound up after allegedly hanging out with Colin and two other NFL players at an apartment at the Viceroy Hotel in Miami on April 1.

The woman told police she smoked pot at the apartment … then started to hook up with Colin and even got undressed — then blacked out and woke up in a hospital bed.

We’re told cops spoke with the woman at the hospital and a rape kit was administered … which by the way is standard operating procedure in a sexual assault investigation.

We were not told the rape kit results.

I would caution that we still don’t have all the facts but one thing is for sure. Something did happen to this young lady. It’s only a matter of time before we all find out what.

One thought on “Report: Rape Kit Administered to Woman in Kaepernick Investigation

  • Once again, NFL players with too much time in their hands, too much money, behaving badly. these players need to use their free time to go back to school. learn how to manage their wealth, learn about STD’s, the truth about the diamond industry. Including how many Africans died from the ices on their rolexes and other jewels, that they like to wear. Be useful to society and stand up for a cause, stay out of jail. P.S. I still love the game, just some constructive criticisms.

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