Spurs Tiago Splitter With a Flop of the Playoffs Candidate (Video)



Tiago Splitter had one of the best flops of the postseason last night during the Spurs Game 4 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

And by one of the best I mean one of the most fine-worthy, unbelievable, totally ignored by refs flops you’ll ever see.

The Oscar-worthy flop came mid-way through the second quarter when Splitter and Thunder forward Serge Ibaka were fighting for position near the free throw line.

Luckily for Ibaka and the Thunder, officials completely ignored Splitter’s reacting to contact like he was just shot. Something tells me the Brazilian big man will be hearing from the league offices sooner rather than later.

H/T CJ Zero


  1. no flop could ever beat KD’s Helicopter Flop this postseason. KD looked like someone hit him with a rocket launcher

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