Photos: Jayniece Prichette The Woman Who Falsely Accused Kaepernick

Jayniece Prichette 2

The woman above falsely accused Colin Kaepernick and two other NFL players of sexual assault, when in reality the only thing Kaepernick was guilty of was not wanting to sleep with her.

Prichette became upset when Kap changed his mind about having sex with her and started entertaining other women in the apartment they were in.

The attorney for Kaepernick, 49ers wide receiver Quinton Patton and Seattle Seahawks receiver Ricardo Lockette told Miami police that Kaepernick left the hotel shortly after the woman arrived and started acting strangely. Two other women, whom Kaepernick had met earlier in the day, departed the hotel roughly at the same time as Kaepernick. They also spoke with police for the investigation.

The other two women said they were on the hotel suite balcony when the woman joined them dressed only in the comforter from Kaepernick’s bed. The complainant allegedly told them they weren’t safe there and one of the women overheard her say she had arrived from Atlanta to have “three champion babies.”

The complainant and the players’ attorney both told police that Kaepernick and Lockette had met the woman a year earlier when they were training in Atlanta. Kaepernick and the woman had sex at the time, but he had cut off contact – even changing his cellphone number – when on April 1, 2013, she told him she was pregnant.

After the woman arrived at the suite, she and Lockette had drinks while Kaepernick was in his bedroom presumably preparing for a date. When he emerged to greet his guests, according to the players’ attorney, the complainant “looked shocked.”

She went into Kaepenick’s bedroom and emerged wearing only his comforter. Shortly thereafter, Kaepernick and the two other women left and Kaepernick kept in contact with Lockette via text messages that urged him to get the woman out of their suite.

That led to her refusing to leave the apartment, the police being called and her making up a ridiculously story that wasn’t true about believing she was assaulted (you can read the entire report here) . She should be in jail, but since the police won’t do anything, her face should be shown to the world as a liar.


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  • He didn’t sleep with her that night…but he did in the past as she claimed to be pregnant. These NFL players are targets for groupies and they enjoy the attention. Money obviously doesn’t make you SMART!!!!

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