Jerry Jones Says He Was Misrepresented in Bathroom Stripper Photos


Jerry Jones Groupies 2

The first thing I thought about when Jerry made this quote, was Roger Clemens saying he “Misremembered” taking steroids. That became a go to line for many men over the years, but now I think it is time to change it up to……

Photos look pretty clear to me, but I digress. Jerry Jones wasn’t doing anything illegal, unless you consider possibly cheating on his wife a crime, so eventually people will move on to something else.

Jerry Jones Groupies


  1. How childish to try to slander Jerry Jones with stuff like this!! Two young women obviously come on to him while taking photos for money. WOW …. and you call that sport journalism? Don’t worry Jerry we aren’t all as stupid and hateful as they believe us to be.

  2. I never have gotten over the firing of Coach Landry and probably never will. He -JER’ handled it in a ‘classless’ manner.

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