LeBron: “You Don’t Let Me Have 40, I Go And Get 40


The more players the Cavs lose to injury — the more LeBron James has to embrace his inner darkside once again.

James scored 44 points, a Finals career high, but it came on 34 shot attempts — the second-most of postseason career. James had 37 in attempts against Atlanta in the last round.

At some point, he took an exception to the notion that the Warriors just let him go off for 44 points.

“First of all, you don’t let me have 40,” he said defiantly. “I go get 40. It’s not like they’re just getting out of the way. So those guys aren’t saying we’re okay with letting him have 40. You don’t let me have 40; I’m making those shots.”

There’s no such thing as a quiet 44, but James definitely didn’t have one of those dominant 44 point explosion that could have put the Warriors away by the half.

Expect the Warriors to proceed with the let LeBron James “have his” marathon.