Odell Beckham JR Tweets on If He Gave Oral Sex to Amber Rose

Odell Beckham Amber Rose

BSO had already debunked the rumor about a photo surfacing allegedly Odell Beckham Jr. giving Amber Rose oral sex.

It wasn’t Amber in the photo and likely wasn’t OBJ unless it was a very old photo. He showed off his new hair to prove it was longer than the person in photo.

Most people thought that was the end of it, but OBJ had thoughts on Twitter about people running with the story.

Odell Tweets

Odell Tweets 2

The only thing I don’t understand is the story was dead and frankly having sex with Amber Rose isn’t the worst thing in the world to be accused of, so not sure what the rant was for.

OBJ got really popular, really fast, hopefully all the distractions doesn’t affect his play on the field.

If you are just here for the photos……