Details on Shane Mosley’s Girlfriend Trista Pisani Accusing Him of Domestic Violence


Shane and Trista have been together for a few years now after Shane left his other girlfriend Bella Gonzalez for cheating on him with Trey Songz, but now there appears to be trouble in paradise.

Shane’s girlfriend tells TMZ Sports she is NOT planning on pressing charges and insists the boxer did not attack her.

Here’s her explanation of the incident — “We were fighting about my birthday, and he was moving me out of his way so he could leave and end the argument. AS he pushed me aside I fell over a toy that was in the hallway where we were. I had no bruise or injury at all.”

Shane tells TMZ Sports he did NOTHING wrong. He says the two had a verbal argument and she “tripped.”

He adds, “I didn’t push her.”

“She tripped and she didn’t have any injuries. We were just yelling.”

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