Tiger Woods Takes to Twitter Updates Fans on Rehab

Tiger Woods took to Twitter to update his fans on his current state post DUI arrest from this spring. Woods was found under the influence of a variety of prescription drugs. He has had numerous knee and back surgeries over the course of his life so it is understandable that pain management would be something he has to deal with. Woods said he recently completed a an intensive out of state rehab program.

Tiger has been something of a media punching bag since the revelations of his extramarital affairs in 2009. It is evident that he is struggling with a lot of things in his life. It looks like he is being proactive and dealing with a potential addiction to pain killers. Tiger is a wealthy man and doesn’t need to earn another penny. Here’s hoping he focuses on regaining control of his life, being a good dad to Sam and Charlie, and figuring out who he wants to be going forward. Tiger Woods the golfer is a thing of the past, and that’s ok.