Dahntay Jones On How Much LeBron Was Involved In Halloween Party That Trolled Warriors Blowing 3-1 Lead

In Halloween of 2016, the Cleveland Cavaliers threw a Halloween party in which it seemed to practically rub it in that they forced the Golden State Warriors to blow a 3-1 lead in the Finals of that year. This was evident as Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson tombstone cookies were at the event and along with signs that said “3-1” on desserts.

Former Cavalier Dahntay Jones went on The Russillo Show of ESPN to discuss what really went down. He said that the caterers of the event came up with the Curry and Thompson tombstone cookies.

“Usually LeBron’s trolls are funny, but that was not from him. That was from the catering company,” Jones said. “That’s why he really doesn’t speak of it, because the catering company puts that together. If you think LeBron James throws a party, and deals with everything from the cookies to the decorations then you’re kind of insane. He has a season to prepare for and he’s doing party planning. But that was the company that he hired. It just happened to be funny at that point in time. They did a good job.”

It is hard to believe that James did not know about the trolling of the Warriors in advance. The Cavs lost to the Warriors in the 2015 Finals so a little bit of bragging rights were going to be in place sooner or later.