Details on Couple Shooting Themselves at Church During Presentation on Gun Safety (Video)

A Tennessee couple are recovering from injuries after accidentally being shot during a gun safety presentation at their local church.

According to WNCN in North Carolina the identities are being withheld of two members of first United Methodist Church shot during a safety procedures discussion.

Attending a meeting to discuss the recent church shooting in Texas, and gun safety procedures, the injuries occurred when someone asked if anyone brought their gun to church.

A man spoke up and said he carries his everywhere he goes. He pulled the gun out, emptied the magazine and chamber, and then started passing the gun around.

Once the gun came back around to its owner, police say the man put the magazine back in and recharged the chamber, but accidentally squeezed the trigger. The gun went off, hitting the man in the hand and his wife in the abdomen.

Both were treated at a local hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

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