Details On Updated Time Frame Of When Gordon Hayward May Return To Celtics From Injury

Celtics’ Guard Gordon Hayward has been out since Boston’s opening game vs the Cavaliers due to a severe leg injury and is not expected to return any time soon. Head Coach Brad Stevens told’s Chris Forsberg that he still doesn’t expect Hayward to return to the court at all this season.

Forsberg also noted from Stevens that Hayward has been doing well rehabbing from the injury such as taking jumpers from his wheelchair and but that still doesn’t give the green light to play at any point this season.

“He makes a lot of shots standing still. I mean, a lot. Like, he’s a heck of a standstill shooter now,” said Stevens. “And he’s really good in a chair, too. But nothing new. We don’t anticipate him being back this season.”

Despite the absence of Hayward, the Celtics have had no problem dominating the Eastern Conference. Boston currently stands at 35-15 and first in their conference. This is in part due to significant contributions by Kyrie Irving, Jayson Tatum and Al Horford.