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Today while driving home from work, listening to sports talk radio (Keep up the good work Mike Missanelli), I heard breaking news that Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson passed away. He lost his fight with melanoma. A somber, and sad way for the birds to start their training camp. He will be missed.

There is a golden rule in #manlaw that you do not break when engaging your enemy in the 'Art of War' and that is don't talk about his momma or wifey.

In attempt to resuscitate his career gagging on the days when he use to rock shows with the general 50 Cent and the G-Unit army, The Game has been reduced to attempts to make 'songs cry' in imaginary beef inducing freestyles in front of crowds in Paris,France and Madrid,Spain while in Europe on his Lamborghini Tour. After "letting Jay-Z's old ass slide" for calling him out in a bar during a show in Vegas, The Game decides to up the ante with a few bars taking shots at "Gay-Z" and wife, Beyonce and a bevy of NBA and NFL teams.

steve-mcnair.jpgAfter hearing the news of the tragic murder of Steve McNair, I have been reading several articles about him, his life, and the legacy he leaves behind. I've read some very sympathetic articles, and some that are very critical of his actions with "Jenny".

Every NFL off-season we hear rumblings and rumors of rookies who will hold out on the teams that drafted them in order to try and negotiate a bigger, better contract than the guy picked in the same spot the previous year. All this posturing, chest puffing, and delayed productivity for the team that selects a player in the draft can be put to an end by having a pay scale for rookies. Knowing exactly how much you will make takes the leverage from both teams and players when drafting. I'm sure there will have to be compromises to get this to happen, but this fan says let it happen. There needs to be a structure in place to stop rewarding players who haven't contributed in a single professional football game.

As training camp gets closer and closer to starting in the NFL there is a question that's been on my mind. The question is whether Michael Vick will be re-instated back into the NFL and if so will he be picked up by any teams. Despite all the PR moves by most teams saying they have absolutely no interesting Vick, I highly doubt that he'd last very long on the market if he were to be re-instated in time for some team's training camp. Recently on there have been a few posts suggesting that Vick (along with Plaxico Burress) will not be re-instated for the 2009 NFL season. Is the NFL commish riding on a moral high horse or doe he have a legitimate reason for not wanting to re-instate them? Will their shelving teach a lesson to anyone else in the league? I think that the UFL would be smart to grab Vick should the NFL snub him this year.

lombardi_trophy3.jpgEarlier this week I posted the 5 teams from the NFC I feel will reach the playoffs plus 1 that I wasn't so sure of. I will now attempt to do the same for the AFC teams. Now, for some reason I found this one a lot more challenging than the NFC. Some may say that's because the AFC is much stronger. If you look back at it, from a conference standpoint, the same top teams remain at the top in both conferences. I just have a much harder time picking winners in the AFC because so many teams are improving there, whereas the NFC still has the same standout few each year no matter what things look like on paper during the off-season. Anyway, with no further ado, here are my picks for the AFC playoff picture in no particular order.

lombardi_trophy3.jpgVery soon training camp will start for the NFL. We will get our first real feel for what is now undisputedly America's game. I know that there are a lot of "experts" and "real" sports writers out there who have already made some predictions as to which teams will be in the superbowl this year. Well, it's my turn. I'm going to write one for the NFC and the AFC. My format will be simple, 5 teams I'm sure will be in the playoffs, a 6th that I'm not so sure so I'm just picking them and the team I feel will represent that conference in the big game. So without further delay, here are my picks from the NFC in no particular order.

jaycutler.jpgJay Cutler is now a Chicago Bear. Brandon Marshall might be going somewhere else. Since the new regime has come on with the Denver Broncos their 2 best players on offense have asked to be traded.

Josh McDaniels and the Denver Broncos I hope your correct. Yes, Cutler did act like a baby when it came out they were trying to trade him. But McDaniels made it worse by lying about the fact that he attempted to trade him. But the Broncos organization made a mistake by rushing to trade Jay Cutler. What was the rush to trade him? I would've given it a couple more weeks until we got closer to the draft. What was the hurry to deal him? He was coming off of a 4000+ yards season and a pro bowl. The market for him wasn't going to change that much between now and the draft.

D_stallworth.jpgThe country is still in a righteous moral outrage about Michael Vick's crimes that he has served time for in jail and is going to finish serving time for at his home under house arrest. Today, I read that Donte Stallworth is going to spend 30 days in jail for the killing of a human being. Now, before PETA and all the little PETA-files get on their high horses again, I want to say that Vick was horribly wrong and misguided in what he did, but he did pay for it dearly. That said Stallworth killed someone because of his lack of judgment. He drank all night (presumably) and decided to get behind the wheel of a car and drive home. That choice alone poses a threat to so many people for the entire length of time he's on the road. As you all know, he ended up hitting and killing Mario Reyes. His family lost a father, husband, brother, son, and friend.

His pleading guilty to vehicular manslaughter was somehow not technically a conviction? WHAT? Are you kidding me?

ZMcNabb.jpgThe Eagles have announced that they are giving franchise QB Donovan McNabb a raise of $5.3 Million over the remaining 2 years of his contract. They are also partially guaranteeing the remaining years of that contract. They didn't offer him an extension, they didn't offer a new contract either. They basically guaranteed that he'll play out his current contract. Let's face it, the Eagle's front office hasn't been very popular over the past few years and this is a move that will further polarize some people from both the front office and McNabb himself.

I believe the team gave him a raise to make a statement to him and to the fans. The question becomes what that statement is exactly.

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