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Brett Favre is Jay Z

Brett Favre is Jay Z. Like Hova, he has a fanatical following to whom he has given classical performances. Favre is considered by some, the greatest quarterback of all time. Yes, he has his share of haters, but his numbers are proven and the gunslinger is arguably better than most of his younger peers.

On the flipside, while no one has ever questioned his talent, throughout the years he has produced some duds, lost a few battles, and had some questionable dealings with management. But, even though it appeared harder for him to sustain his brilliance, he could drop a classic at anytime, and always commanded respect from his opponents.

The #1 thing they have in common is not being able to retire from the game they love, especially since both feel they still have something left in the tank.

Unfortunately for Favre, making a comeback is not so easy. The last time I checked, Jay Z was not being hit by 300 pound lineman while recording in studio with Kanye West.

So while Jay Z is preparing to release The Blueprint 3,(“DOA” is better than the new single “Run This Town” in my opinion explaining why DOA gets all the Youtube love) Favre has decided to finally call it a career!

Then, as soon I began to write about how in the end, he made the right choice, he tells Peter King of that he hasn’t completely ruled out a comeback.

So the saga is not over and prompted me to make the following tweet (

“Brett Favre will be 60 years old still saying my arm feels good if anyone needs me.”

Just as Jay Z could still be recording at age sixty, don’t be surprised to see Brett playing in a senior league somewhere in Hattiesburg.