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I Believe Ben Roethlisberger is Innocent..Do These Emails Prove It?

I wasn’t very happy about how ESPN buried the Ben Roethlisberger story, but the story itself sounded suspect from the beginning.

I am always sensitive to “rape cases” because far too many of them do not get reported because the woman doesn’t think anyone will believe her.

It even becomes more complicated when they are accusing someone famous, because they assume that person’s money, fame and power will cast them as the victim.

It is a valid concern. Next to murder and child molestation I cannot think of a more hideous crime than “rape”. Anyone found guilty of raping a woman should be behind bars for life.

So I took Miss McNulty’s claim very seriously even though it was a “civil claim”, but the facts from the beginning just scream of the girl who cried wolf.

What is even more upsetting to me is that when you falsely accuse someone that stains the reputation of that person, regardless of their innocence and makes it that much harder for legitimate cases of “rape” to be prosecuted.

Nothing is ever 100%, so I can’t say the Miss McNulty is lying because no one knows what really happened in that hotel room, but it is becoming very hard to see this as anything more than a feeble attempt to get money out of a professional athlete.

I reserve the right if Miss McNulty and her attorneys come up with some evidence to prove what she is saying is true, to change my opinion, but as of right now it appears Ben is the one getting the “raw deal”.

Here is a text message that Miss McNulty sent to her boyfriend a month after the allege attack:

In text messages sent in December, the man asked her what would happen if they broke up, Cornwell said.

“I would date Ben Roethlisberger,” she answered. “hahahahah.”

You can read the entire legal document of the “emails, texts & chats” Miss McNulty sent that Roethlisberger’s lawyers say clear his client (it is a PDF) here: