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Is That Weed On Michael Beasley’s Table?

I am going to ignore the hideous tattoo, because if a man wants to put “Super Cool Beas” on his back with Angel Wings more power to him.

If Michael Beasley wants to have a tattoo “Clark Kent” glasses on his back whatever. At least it isn’t big red lips like Kenyon Martin.

I am more concern that is appears to be weed on his table. I could be wrong, maybe we can call Ricky Williams for clarification. But I have seen a few “weed bags” in my day and that looks like a “nickle bag”.

The other issue of course is why a player with the type of money Michael Beasley has can only afford a “nickle bag” and a pathetic looking one at that? Shouldn’t he have that “Tony Montana” grade of weed or at least what Doogie Howser was smoking in “Harold and Kumar goes to White Castles”.

By the way this wasn’t any TMZ style paparazzi shot. Beasley thought it would be a good idea to Twitpic this. Reason #12248438737 why some athlete’s shouldn’t be on Twitter.

With that being said follow me:

What is your opinion is it weed or not?


Yahoo Sports reported first that Michael Beasley checked himself into Rehab over the weekend after the Twitter picture incident. You can read the article here.