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The Top 5 NFL Training Camp Stories

NFL training camps have begun (thank God,) and I have compiled the top five stories people are talking about most.

1- Where will Michael Vick go and how effective can he be?

Now that the “Dog Whisperer” has finally escaped from his captors (the feds and the NFL Commish,) now begs the question, where shall he play?

People in Vick’s camp say a signing is imminent, yet, the only team said to have interest are the Raiders. Rockin’ a silver and black jersey emblazoned with # 7 would look great on the fans, but, perhaps Oakland isn’t the best place to rehabilitate an image or rebuild a brand.

So, who else is interested in his services, but afraid to go against the obvious grain? It is difficult to know who is lying and who’s telling the truth these days, but don’t be shocked if Vick ends up with a franchise like Saint Louis where the expectations and media spotlight will be low.

The most glaring question is how good a player will Michael Vick be after such a prolonged absence? Also, which position should he play? Does he come back strictly as a “slash/wildcat” player or does he compete to be a starting quarterback?

Unfortunately, we have no point of reference, as there has never been a quarterback quite like Vick and no quarterback has ever returned to the league after serving a two-year jail sentence.

This, my friends, is what makes Mr. Michael Vick the most interesting player of the 2009 season.

2- The T.O. Show goes to Buffalo.


Am I the only one who wishes the T.O. reality show could run during the entire NFL season? Many people hate T.O. and a lot of people love him, but no matter how you feel, you are always wondering what he will do next.

I find it amazing that the entire Buffalo fan base believes that he will turn their beloved franchise around.
Please understand, he is just one wide receiver and your quarterback is still Trent Edwards.

No matter how much attention T.O. draws, the real pressure is on Edwards to perform because a wide receiver is only as good as his QB.

With that being said get your popcorn ready.

3- No Excuses for Romo or the Cowboys


This is a make or break year for Tony Romo and the Cowboys. They can’t blame T.O. this year, he’s gone. They can’t blame Jessica Simpson (especially since Romo won’t even let her in the house,) she’s gone too.

But, last season’s team is still intact and healthy, and this alone offers a glimmer of hope.

Last year, with Terrell, they were Super Bowl favorites. Now they will rely on Roy Williams to step up, so they should still be considered one of the favorites, right?

This isn’t just about going to the playoffs; this is about winning championships. If Romo ever wants to lose the tag as a QB who chokes in big games, this year he must show otherwise. It’s time to man up.

4- Hi I am Tom Brady remember me?

You may have forgotten but it’s been almost a year since Tom Brady had his knee ran through like Kim Kardashian at a Kanye West video shoot. Now he is back.

The Patriots traded away Matt Cassel because everyone thinks that Brady will be 100%, but will he? You never know how any player will recover after major reconstructive knee surgery.

With Brady running on all cylinders you have to consider the Patriots as major contenders for the Super Bowl, but without him it would be foolish to think they could catch lightening in a bottle twice with their backup QB’s.

5- As the Favre Turns

Unless he is banned from the NFL, Brett Favre’s name will come up every time a quarterback gets injured; not just during training camp, but also throughout the entire season.

If Donovan McNabb goes down in Week 7, don’t think for a second that Favre wouldn’t put in a call to Andy Reid.

This soap opera is far from over and this won’t be the last time you hear the phrase:


I wish his wife would just tell him to sit down somewhere or cut the grass.