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A Comprehensive Guide on Following Robert Littal on Twitter

The BlackSportsOnline Twitter is run by me “Ya Boy” Robert Littal. I am not your average person on Twitter talking about how much gas they put in their car or how the sky is blue. My tweets are actually a complex code of analogies and catch phrases that if you are a new follower might have you a bit confused. So instead of having to explain it every single time I decided to create on document that explains it all and gives you a little background on me. This way when someone asks about something I am tweeting I can just forward the reference article. You ready? Let’s go.

Of course first you need to know where to follow me http://www.twitter.com/BlkSportsOnline

By far the most asked question is what is a “NoHo”? It is a term 100% created by me from a real life experience.


I talk about “Contracts” a lot, but not sports contracts, opposite sex contracts:


A lot of times you will see me tweet the phrase:

Breaking Lamps” or “Bed Gammon”

That is just another way of saying having sex.

All of that is based off the SEX IS LIKE BOXING article.

As you probably have figured out I have a “relationship advice” site as well called:


I tweet after dark at http://www.twitter.com/BreakLamps

“Pimp Focus” means a higher understanding of the opposite sex.

I tweet a lot about “The Bias Mainstream Media” in regards to how they report on sports.

I detest “Bath Water Slurpers” who are basically male and female groupies and stalkers.

I use a lot of sports analogies when I am tweeting so you have to pay attention:

If you get caught up in some male/female drama I might say something to the effect “you don’t want to get McNaired”.

If you a female who doesn’t want to sign the contract then you are a “Crabtree Chick”.

It is a weird so of language that only I really understand so feel free to ask me what they hell I am talking about sometimes.

You will see me tweeting about “files”.

I keep a file on everyone and depending on what they tweet the file can be “upgraded” or “downgraded”. The strength of the file strongly suggest what type of contracts you get offered.

I speak of my “DRAFT BOARD” which is my rankings of the my female Twitter followers. Your position on the draft varies depending on what is in your file.

This leads into “MYSPACE MODELS” who are girls who have been gassed up by the bath water slurpers into thinking they are way hotter than they really are.

I’ve been known to start phrases like the REJECT BENCH

I may refer to woman as:

Black Cats =25 yrs & younger. Puss In Boots = 26 – 30 yrs old. Wildcats = 31 – 40 Cougarlicious = 41+

I started of revolution called:

DOF……Death of Flip Flops

Files will be downgraded if you wear flip flops to the following places:

1- The Club
2- The Mall
3- Dates
4- Events
5- Funerals
6- Church
7- Work

You are only allowed to wear flip flops at home, the beach, leaving the gym or to run errands less than thirty minutes in length.

I don’t necessarily have a foot fetish as much as heel fetish and being that I am a leg man it kind of goes hand and hand.

Here is our theme song:

JIMMY CHOO CHOOS is my code word for a young lady in some nice heels or who wants some nice shoes.

You may hear me tweet a lot about “PF CHANGS”. Which is code word for a “1st date location”.

If someone says something crazy a lot of time I will say:

“You get the Chris Webber Face

I have a crew:

Sam the African is the partner in crime. Vthrilla is the Twitter #pablo http://www.twitter.com/vthrilla.

By the way a “Pablo” is based on T.O.’s friend on the T.O. Show. We all need #pablos around to watch our back and keep things in order.

You may also hear me talk about Killa Carl, LJ Boogie, Mr. White and Jon Julian just to name a few.

I have the best followers on Twitter because it is all about the quality. I could name 100, but here are my top 20 in no particular order:

1- http://twitter.com/JoannaSimkin
2- http://twitter.com/Lizzs_Lockeroom
3- http://twitter.com/tee_baby
4- http://twitter.com/RockStar_Mami
5- http://twitter.com/HiYelaGurl
6- http://twitter.com/steelergurl
7- http://twitter.com/jay0302
8- http://twitter.com/LirisC
9- http://twitter.com/sportsquota
10- http://twitter.com/Duckeey
11- http://twitter.com/thenflchick
12- http://twitter.com/tacit
13- http://twitter.com/summer_g
14- http://twitter.com/ShirleyHuangESQ
15- http://twitter.com/StepUpAngie
16- http://twitter.com/cari_atl
17- http://twitter.com/MyAfro
18- http://twitter.com/Treenie5
19- http://twitter.com/RavenShauntrice
20- http://twitter.com/HoustonDIVA

For all the Fellas out there “Twitter Pimpin” I got some rules for you.


Now a lot of you may have started to follow me off a suggestion or a RT but don’t really know me. So here is a brief background.

My name is Robert Littal most people just call me Rob, Robert or RL. But I will also reference myself by many other things i.e.:

Bona Fide Sports Expert
The Dean of NoHology
The Lex Luther of Sports Media
The Greatest Fantasy Football player of all time
The original Superstar Blogger

And so on and so forth.

I do own BlackSportsOnline it is 100% mine.

Born and Raised in Saint Louis, Mo and I graduated with a BA in Journalism and minor in African-American studies from The Ohio State University, so I represent my Buckeyes.

Even though I always wanted to be a sports journalist in the early 2000s just like a lot of young black males I wanted to be a rapper. I produced and recorded over 100 tracks from the time I was 16 until I was about 26 (I am 30 now) I went by the name Michael Angelo (The Michael Angelo of flow I paint pictures with words). Here was my most popular song it was called “Ichiro”

Ichiro (Bounce Dem) – Michael Angelo

I still dabble in the music industry. I am in a band called The FrontLine. We perform from time to time in the Saint Louis area here is YouTube of us:

I have been very blessed to have my site be as successful as it has been; we are the #1 African-American sports blog in the country and the #8 sports blog in the country period.

I am the only African-American blogger ever to have their material cited on ESPN.com, SI.com & Yahoo.com.

You might also catch me writing for J ‘Adore Magazine, even mainstreaming it for the Washington Post, on Sports Talk Radio or hell maybe a national commercial.

I am kind of a jack of all trades.

Here is your homework. See if you can decipher this now.

“So I decided to take this noho to PF Changs but the chick had on Flip Flops so I immediately had to downgrade her file. She all talking about how she is a Myspace Model and what not, but honestly I just wanted to break lamps, but of course she wants to be a Crabtree Chick and says she going to need some Jimmy Choo Choos for that. I hit up #pablo and he was like you need to tell that noho on the draft board she was #10 and needs to stop acting like she is #7. We driving home and she arguing with her baby daddy, so I decided it wasn’t worth being McNaired so I just went back to my crib and Placked”.