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Robert Littal’s 3 Pieces & a Biscuit NFL Week 1 Review

Every Tuesday during the NFL season I will break down my top 5 headlines in a segment that I like to call:

Three pieces and a biscuit.

THE LEG- Philly Ribs

Donovan McNabb gets his ribs busted up like he took a left hook from Joe Frazier and in the process it causes a trickled down effect that makes the Eagles the most interesting team in the NFL.

Michael Vick immediately replied to McNabb’s injury as “a dog gone shame”, ok he really didn’t say that, but you know what he was thinking. Vick knows that he doesn’t have a lot of time to reestablish himself as franchise quarterback. He has a lot of debt and he needs to be on the field soon as possible. So while he may consider McNabb a friend this is the best case scenario for him.

Kevin Kolb was excited too, because deep down he thinks he is better than McNabb and Vick but just hasn’t gotten an opportunity. I wouldn’t be surprised if he paid off the Carolina players to take McNabb out.

Unfortunately for Kolb though the Eagles decided to throw a curve ball in the equation.

They signed Jeff Garcia who neither McNabb, Vick nor Kolb want on the team because that means someone will eventually have to go if Garcia plays well.
Jack Abbott couldn’t plot this type of drama.


Brett Favre is cool and I like Percy Harvin, but AP is on some other level. You know a run is a great run when every time you watch it, it gets better.

First look at the explosion through the hole and then look at the move to break the DB’s ankles follow by the Chris Brown pimp slap of the safety.
The next thing he does no mortal man should be able to do. After coming to a complete stop he accelerates Usain Bolt style and runs away from the defense. Simply amazing.

THE WING-Brandon Stokley tells the Bengals “Child Please”

This could only happen to the Bengals right? After playing a god awful game for three and half quarters the Bengals blow it like this?

Ocho definitely didn’t “kiss the baby” after that game.

THE BISCUIT- Drew Brees is the new Dan Marino

The only thing that is stopping Drew Brees from being mentioned in the same breath as Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are playoff wins. But it can be argued he has played better than both over the last few years. His six touchdown performance over the Lions was a thing of beauty. It was the Lions we are talking about, but this is no fluke. Both Tom Brady’s TD record and Dan Marino’s yardage record are in jeopardy this year.

THE DRINK- Choking Bills

Be honest when the Buffalo Bills were up 24-13 with a little over five minutes to go, if you were a Bills fan you didn’t really feel comfortable did you?

What separates good teams from average teams is that in the 4th quarter good teams figure out a way to win, while average teams play not to lose.
Playing not to lose normally cost you the game (I know you hear me out there Jim Tressel).

The Bills went into a shell, panicked and loss the game.

Dick Juron should be held accountable because his team had no clue how to handle things down the stretch. They seemed confused while the Patriots seemed to know exactly what to do.

Only good decision made was T.O. not talking to the media after the game.