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Chad Ocho Cinco Condoms Coming To A Store Near You?

They say Manny Pacquiao is the pound for pound best boxer in the world. If there was a pound for pound list of most entertaining athlete the title would have to go to Chad Ocho Cinco.

If you watched HBO Hard Knocks you might have saw Chad “joking” about coming out with his own line of condoms. Like most things Chad says you never really know if he is just talking or if he is serious.

Earlier today on his twitter account ( he Twitpic what the Ocho Cinco Condom box would look like.


Besides the catchy slogan and the ruler to measure your “package” the funniest thing to me is the South Beach Cabana Hat Ocho is rocking. He looks like he should be playing shuffleboard at a retirement home.

I am pro breaking lamps, but I don’t know if I would trust Ocho’s condoms. It did get me to thinking, what if other Wide receivers came out with condoms how reliable would they be?

1- The T.O. Condom

They start off well, but as soon as you get someone pregnant the T.O. condom would blame you.

2- The Michael Crabtree Condom

Good condom but it was suppose to be in stores in July, but didn’t show up until October. Does have S-Curl lubricate though.

3- The Roy Williams Condom

Advertised as the #1 condom available, so you paid nine times the amount of the Miles Austin version for half of the reliability.

4- The Steve Smith Condom

Great condom, except the main person buying them (Jake Delhomme) doesn’t appear to know how to put them on.

Feel free to add on.