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Rodney Harrison=Super Liar

In my opinion he lied about his “fake/real” twitter account, then he proved to be an idiot by calling T.O. a clown for no real reason and not being man enough to say that to him face, he lied about his steroid/HGH use, he either lied or just is a horrible actor in regards to his comments about Tom Brady needing to wear a skirt and now this.

What running his mouth about how the Titans are the dirtiest team in the league he dropped this nugget that we got from

Harrison said he didn’t consider himself a dirty player because he never intended to hurt anyone and he never went at a player’s knees.

I guess Rodney forgot about Trent Green:


He destroyed his knees on a dirty play.

Did I mention this was during “pre-season”?

Rodney is the biggest hypocrite in the media and that is saying a lot considering the people in the media these days.