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Breaking News: Mayweather vs. Pacquiao To Be Announced Dec 8th

Manny Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum has stated it is a done deal that Manny has signed off on the fight for March 13th.  Arum is on his was back to the states to meet with Floyd Mayweather’s camp to go over some minor details and the fight should be announced on December 8th.

Here is a quote from Arum from

“I had a meeting this morning and we went over all the points and now I have to go back to the United States and sit with the Mayweather people and finalize some very minor aspects and then we’ll have an announcement sometime next week.”

My sources tell me that announcement will be on December 8th to coincide with Arum’s 78th birthday.

As far as the location it will come down to Dallas and Vegas. Arum and representatives from the Mayweather camp will be meeting with Jerry Jones sometime next week to see what he is willing to pay. If Jones make them an offer they can not refused the fight will be in the Cowboys new billion dollar stadium.

The MGM grand is still in the running in Vegas, but a lot will depend on what is offered by the Cowboys’ owner.

I am told from inside sources that the revenue split will be 50/50 with expected Pay Per Views buys to be well over three million. Most people in the industry believe both fighters will clear over forty million dollars when it is all said and done.

The final small issues to be worked out are the weight they will fight at which will probably be 147 and size of ring and gloves. All minor details that isn’t going to stop a possible 100+ million dollar event.

Unless something strange happens in next 72 hours I think fight fans can get excited now.