Video: Manny Pacquiao Isn’t Scared of Needles but, Scared of Random Tests? – BlackSportsOnline
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Video: Manny Pacquiao Isn’t Scared of Needles but, Scared of Random Tests?

Bob Arum is acting like a buffoon to be perfectly honest and he will be the main reason this fight falls apart (I still think fight will happen).

He has already said the fight was off five times only to come back and say they are still negotiating.

First Arum said Manny Pacquiao was scared of the needles and felt like taking blood weakened him if done less than 30 days before a fight.

This video was taken less than 30 days before the Ricky Hatton fight. Pacquiao doesn’t looked scared and he certainly didn’t look weak when he knocked out Hatton.

Now Arum is saying that Manny doesn’t want “random” drug testing.  Arum wants to know the exact days when the test will take place.

If I worked at a job where being a weed smoker would get me fired, what would be most effective:

Telling me when you were going to test me or randomly testing me?

Common sense will tell you that random testing is the best way to make sure someone is clean.  I applaud other promoters who are saying they will not let their boxers fight Pacquiao unless he submits to random testing.

Simply put, if you are willing to lose $40 million dollars over a tablespoon of blood then yes, I am going to think you have something to hide.

In the video the take a “vile” of blood and Manny doesn’t blink.

Do the right thing Manny the sport of boxing needs you to.