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Evander Holyfield’s Wife Candi Holyfield Drops Protective Order

Here is the problem I have with these types of situations. It is a no win situation for women who are actually abused by there celebrity husbands.

If Mrs. Holyfield was lying then it just cast doubt on any woman who files these types of orders in the future.

If Mrs. Holyfield was telling the truth and for whatever reason decided to back off it sends the message that it is ok to get beat on by your husband or significant other.

Either way it isn’t a good look.

Personally I think she should have to come out publicly and either say she is a liar or if it did happen why she decided to drop the protective order.

My hope is that any woman who is involved in a domestic abuse situation calls the police immediately, so that way it can be fully investigated.

Here are some additional details on the story from TMZ.

Candi had accused Evander of hitting her in the face, the back, and the back of her head after she complained that their children were cold because the heat had been cut off in their Georgia home.

In Candi’s petition for the protective order, she also claimed Evander had been physical with her in the past — saying he “choked me in front of our daughter and housekeeper” in 2008.

The two were scheduled to go head-to-head in court on Thursday — but now that the order has been dismissed, the case is closed.