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Former NYC Sportscaster Marvell Scott Charged With Raping 14 Year Old Girl

Before I give my thoughts here are the specifics about the case from

According to prosecutors, two girls—ages 14 and 16—ran away from upstate New York and were out of cash when they met a pimp in Times Square. The pimp then allegedly made a deal with Scott for the two girls, and Scott took the girls to his apartment on West 47th Street, where he allegedly assaulted the younger one. But Scott says he only invited the girls to his home because “one of the girls was crying profusely. She was obviously in great distress. I’m, in the medical profession, for me if you stop on the street and see someone in distress, it is not uncommon to try and find out what is going on.”

Sounds like something out of a Lifetime movie.  Scott was a decent running back for Illinois before getting into broadcasting, claims that he has been framed.

Scott who is state-licensed, nationally board-certified medical doctor had been trying to start a sports medicine practice and as you can imagine is having difficulties because of the rape accusation.

You can never tell with these type of cases who is telling  the truth.  Until more evidence is available and the trial starts you don’t want to make assumption.

Either Scott is an evil sick man or he just got swindle and now his reputation will never be the same.

He pleaded not guilty to 2nd degree rape charges.

Very sad that young girls are being lured into prostitution (by the way has the Pimp been charged with anything?).  I hope people aren’t overlooking that fact.

Thanks to Jamila and Dwyte for the tip.