Ex-NBA Winston Bennett: “I Gave My Wife 2 STDs, but If She Cheats I am Leaving” – BlackSportsOnline
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Ex-NBA Winston Bennett: “I Gave My Wife 2 STDs, but If She Cheats I am Leaving”

I didn’t want to write about this, but I have gotten so many emails, tweets, BBMs and texts about it I decided to speak on it.

I am warning you though if you are sensitive I suggest you don’t read the rest about what I am about to say.

ESPN did an Outside the Lines on Former NBA Player Winston Bennett.

You are asking yourself right now:

“Who in the blue hell is Winston Bennett?”

He is just one of many former NBA players who was a bench warmer for a few years and then faded away from memory.  The reason he was being spotlighted was because of his sexual exploits.  People think that Tiger Woods’ having a dozen or so women is unusual listen to Bennett’s story.  Thanks to Sports by Brooks for transcribing:

Bennett said of his uncontrollable sexual compulsion:

“Three or four women in one day was typical for me. It was like a drug. I had to have more.”

That’s different women in one day.

Bennett later confirmed in the interview that before he was married, he did indeed have sex with upwards of 90 different women per month. After he got married, Bennett said the number of women per month was “half” his previous pace.

Though Bennett said he was faithful to his wife Peggy for “exactly one day,” the two are still somehow together after 20 years. Even after Bennett admitted “dozens” of affairs to her and gave her two sexually-transmitted diseases. (Bennett said he “never” wore a condom.)

But it’s far from a happy ending. Bennett at the end of the interview inexplicably said he’d leave his wife if she cheated on him once.

Peggy Bennett’s reaction: “Does that hurt me as a woman who has shown so much grace and forgiveness? Yes. Absolutely.”

You might not like this, but Mrs. Bennett deserves everything she gets.  You have to have some serious self esteem issues to stay with a man who readily admits he has been faithful for one day of your marriage.

You have to be a plum fool to stay with someone who readily admits he never uses a condom.

You have to have mental problems to stay with someone who gave you a STD not once but twice.

You have to be an idiot to be with a man who admits he cheats on your daily, but if you cheated on him once he would leave you and your kids.

Now of course Bennett has claimed for the last three years not to have cheated and I am telling you he is lying.  I don’t speak in absolutes but I am 99% sure he isn’t telling the truth.

Bennett isn’t a man he is punk, bully and not very bright to potentially kill himself and his wife by having sex without a condom with random nohos.

He has to have self esteem issues himself to treat the mother of his children so reckless.  I mean for goodness sake if you are going to cheat at least use a condom do you want your kids to grow up without a father and mother.  How selfish can you be?

I mean this dude got fired from the Celtics for having sex with a woman at the team’s practice facility.

I have a daughter if she would ever marry some scum like Bennett I would be in jail and he wouldn’t be living and that is a 100% guarantee.