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Steelers WR Santonio Holmes Sued For Assault and Battery by Anshonae Mills

The Steelers keep taking L’s left and right.

First it was Ben Roethlisberger, now it is Santonio Holmes, who is being sued by Anshonoe Mills for an incident that happened in a club on March 7th (two days after the Roethlisberger incident). has the details:

The civil complaint contends that Holmes confronted plaintiff Anshonoe Mills after she refused to leave the arm of a couch in the VIP area of the Rain nightclub.  Holmes allegedly “put his hand” in Mills’ face while attempting to remove her from the couch.  Holmes then allegedly “threw his entire glass cup of liquor” at Mills’ face, allegedly causing a laceration below her eyebrow and “blinding her temporarily.”

She claims that, outside the club, she asked a police office to “reprimand” Holmes for his conduct.  The complaint then alleges that “he” (it’s unclear whether the pronoun refers to the officer or Holmes) “proceeded to inform the plaintiff that he was an NFL football player and that he could not face criminal charges.”  Mills also alleges that Holmes then “offered to give [her] money because he was a [sic] NFL star and could not get into trouble.”

Mills claims that she “felt pressure from [Holmes] and the Orlando Police Department not to press chargers,” and that while under said pressure he made “a short victim statement incoherently stating that she was hit in the face and bleeding near her eyes, however, intended not to press charges.”  She claims that the Orlando Police Department failed to write a police report.

She is seeking $15,000 for her troubles. When people file civil cases as oppose to criminal ones I normally look at that more critically. If you take Miss Mills account at face value she was pressured not to press charges.

This is just a guess on my part and only based off her statement, but I am going to say Holmes probably did something and now she is exaggerating it a bit to get a few dollars from Holmes.

Holmes has to be smarter. Once again if you take her statement at face value even Holmes admits that he can’t “get in trouble”.

New information is coming in saying that a criminal report will be filed at some point (don’t ask me why it is taking so long).

Once again I will wait to see what the police say and give Holmes a chance to tell his side of the story before making a true  assessment, but the fact is once again an athlete puts themselves in a bad position and shockingly it includes the following:


Smarten Up Nas


Here is what Holmes had to say about the matter:

Holmes, a former Super Bowl MVP, told ESPN’s Rachel Nichols he has confidence that this matter “will be taken care of quickly, within the next 24 hours.” When asked about the specifics of the case, he said “I really don’t have much to say about it because I didn’t do anything. My lawyer is handling it from here.”

In laymen terms he is saying she will get her money to make this go away.