Carmelo Anthony: “I Need Some Help; I Can’t Do this by Myself” – BlackSportsOnline
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Carmelo Anthony: “I Need Some Help; I Can’t Do this by Myself”

After being at the forefront of Nuggets franchise for 7 years, it seems that the Denver star is finally beginning to feel the strain.

Following the Nugget’s 117-106 loss against the Jazz on Sunday, which has put them on the brink of elimination, Melo was verbal about his frustrations with how things have gone in the series thus far:

“I’m trying, I’m trying to beat them. I’m trying to do everything I can in my power to beat the Jazz,” Anthony said Sunday. “But, at the end of the day, I need some help. I’m not sitting here pointing fingers or nothing. As a unit, we’ve got to do this together. I can’t do this by myself.”

Melo’s frustration with his teammates not pulling their weight erupted late in the first half, when he barked at Chris Anderson for taking an “ill-advised”  outside jumper that missed everything but the court floor.

“I’m in a battle. I don’t have time to worry about people’s feelings right now,” Anthony said. “I’m trying to win.”

Anthony has come to the realization that he will not be able to win a ring by himself and that even with a 39 point/11 rebound contribution, this will not be enough to get the job done as a unit.

“In the playoffs, especially Utah, they’re not going to let me beat them. It’s just not going to happen,” Anthony said.

I’m with Melo on this one; he’s being forced to play 1-on-5 ball at this point. Billups is showing his age in this series, JR is still trying to make those NBA Jam for Sega type shots, Nene and K-Mart are letting Boozer and Milsap – in the words of the BSO Don – “take their cornbread,” and Chris Anderson… enough said.

The Nuggets’ front office better hope and pray that Melo doesn’t execute that early termination option next offseason, because Lord knows I cringe at the thought of J.R. Smith at the forefront of anything, let alone an organization.