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Darren McFadden’s Associate Ashley Nichelle Davis Shows All Unintentionally

This story took some digging.  On the surface it just looks like some groupie taking pictures of Oakland Raiders running back Darren McFadden’s possessions.  The ‘Ooh, look mama, I’m a groupie’ grin on her face, you’d think that she just won the lottery(well, with a late night call and no protection…).

But really this is the story of a woman being outed by a former friend. Balleralert.com(the premsis of the messageboard is another topic) is where this messiness takes place.  Apparently Ashley Davis managed to piss off her friend, Kordai Summers and post these pictures of Ashley Davis in McFadden’s home and hotel room.  The former friend then explains why she outed Davis as McFaddens noho:

I’m a former friend that her ungrateful, janky a** tried to f**k over…yeah she super duper f**ked with the wrong person! She tried to bad-mouth me to several guys, all because I wouldn’t give her bootsy a** a 40-mile to and fro ride…smh. The guys came right, back and told me everything…dumb skeezer! lol

Former friend continues to out Davis:

[I] guess its proof like “momma, i really do know him” its just plain old pathetic to me, and this b**tch right here has the audacity to say she’s not a groupie, looks like a groupie, poses like a groupie and ain’t used to shit like a groupie….see this right here was the high-point of her life…she thought she came allllll the way up, cuz he ate the box and went raw dog…..welp, he had a main woman and 3 children (maybe 4) lol sooo oops try again!! lol

Now in all fairness, Davis did post a retort:

AWWW how sweeet i musta officially crossed over to the cool ppl when im on a blog site with a large pool of members =) but hey i have never had an account on this site but decided to make one when i got home from shooting a music video and first thing i see is a tweet from balleralert. THANKS kordai summers, i appreciate how your posting 2008 pix in 2010. thats the new in thing. esp when ive yet to speak ur name so thank u so much…cus u kno in the urban ent world well shit even mainstream the bad publicity is the best publicity honey… so i think its cool. but please my dear go head and post ur fotos of u doing the same thing and dancing like a silly ass wit me,posing in the chain, the hats, dancing on the bed too, with the key on the beach, ect. i mean if ur gona post a story like dont half ass it hun.cus u kno that used to be our thing; to have a great time being goofy which was the whole point. but hey mamas.. i dont really plan on posting on and on and i dont have ur contact or even know ur twitter name to hit u… but sweety its now 2010 goin on 2011 real soon… I AM MOVING FORWARD NOT BACKWARDS, i hope u are doing the same. u received ur BA at USC, youre into JESUS and i mean at times you were tryna get on ur business shit….so i give u ur props girl and please utilize the good qualities you do have. cus i just dont have time to tear you down. so thanks a million. and you should post up the video cus i need a good laff…also u can tweet me if u like since u kno my username and i dont be on here. as far as the person i “allegedly” spoke too about u in 2010 um yeaaaaaaa…dont really kno wut ur talkin about. if it was 2008 when WE WERE FRIENDS and FELL OUT it would make sense. oh and i think baller alert googled u or something… oh ladies u can follow me on twitter and ill post the dancing video for u

Davis contends:

A- This was all a mistake and planted by a vindictive former friend.

B- She didn’t even write the response on Baller Alert

C- This was years ago and she and McFadden never had a relationship besides causal.

Davis also says she pursing legal action in the matter.

I guess we can say that McFadden is an ‘innocent’ bystander in all of this.

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