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JaMarcus Russell Arrested For The “Purple Drank” Two Months In The Making

The police weren’t investigating JaMarcus Russell, from my understanding; they were looking into a drug ring and JaMarcus just happened to be a customer.

According to the AP, JaMarcus was nothing more than a big name, but a small fish in the overall scheme of things.  Here are the details:

The arrest of JaMarcus Russell for alleged possession of codeine syrup resulted from a two-month undercover investigation that could result in more arrests.

Mobile County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Lori Myles said Tuesday that the investigation wasn’t targeting the former Oakland Raiders quarterback but that his name and home address had come up several times.

Basically the cops were looking for big fish, and when you look for the big fish you pay attention to the little guppies.

They probably had some wiretaps or surveillance watching some of the local suppliers, and that is when JaMarcus’ name popped up.

If it was me or you, I doubt the police would have even bothered, but because JaMarcus Russell is a famous athlete (for all the wrong reasons by the way) the police weren’t going to pass up a chance to arrest him.  The likelihood of him doing jail time for this is slim, but they wanted to make an example out of him and get their names in the paper.

JaMarcus is so stupid he didn’t have a “go between” to get the “Sizzrup” for him.  An intelligent person in Russell’s position would know better than to purchase the product himself.  Who does that?

Then again, we are talking about JaMarcus.