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Terrell Owens To Bengals or Rams in Next 48 Hours?

Terrell Owens doesn’t have a lot options.

The Rams and the Bengals are two teams that have expressed interest, but before I get to how the addition of Owens could hurt or help those respective teams let me explain how the Bengals once again showed that they are an organization that is somewhat clueless in regards to personnel decisions.

Months ago the Bengals had the opportunity to sign Terrell Owens.

Instead they signed Antonio Bryant to a 4 year 28 million dollar contract.  Bryant at the time had a bad knee, a criminal history and shaky reputation.

But T.O. according to the media was the “bad guy” even though he was the healthier and a more consistent producer.  He would have also came a lot cheaper than Bryant, but the Bengals decided to listen to the white noise and now they are stuck with Bryant whose knee is still bothering him and has not performed well so far as a Bengal.

With that being said there are pros and cons for both teams to sign T.O. now.

The Rams were 1-15 last year, so bringing in any established talent can’t be a bad thing.  The Rams have no established wide receivers and are the laughing stock of the league right now, at least the signing of T.O. in the short term gets them on the national radar and upgrades their talent base.

On the flip side T.O., rookie QB and bad team is not a good mix.  Similar to the Buffalo situation it isn’t that T.O. would be a problem (he wasn’t with the Bills) it would just be hard for him to produce and when that doesn’t happen the media starts fishing for stories.

The Bengals would be a more ideal situation for Owens because they have an established quarterback who wants him there.  The T.O. and Ocho mix would be entertaining and more importantly would help a stagnant Bengals offense.

There are money consideration that will weigh heavily on Owens decision.

The Rams will offer more money if they pursue, but the Bengals are a better situation.  One way or another we should have a decision sometime early this week.