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Terrell Owens to the Bengals? Depends on Who You Believe

I turn my phone off when I am at the movies because if I don’t. it will buzz throughout and of course my curiosity will get the best of me.

So while I was enjoying “Inception” in glorious IMAX (4 out of 5 stars will make you think) I had no clue what was going on the BSO Blackberry.

As I turned my phone back on the messages started to pour in, I figured it was either about Kim Kardashian, Michael Vick throwing another party or just random calls for possible lamp breakings.

It was none of those, TMZ.com posting an article saying T.O. signing with the Bengals was imminent.  That was followed by a Profootballtalk.com report dismissing the TMZ article.

Two of my trusted sources had to conflicting stories.  One backing TMZ and one telling me not to hold my breath.

Profootballtalk then backtracked a little by saying T.O. had been working out with Carson Palmer and Palmer is the one who is pushing for the signing.

What does it all mean?

From what I can gather the Bengals are listening to Carson Palmer, now does that mean they are going to sign T.O. who knows, but Palmer’s voice has much more pull than Chad Ocho Cinco’s voice.

The Bengals have a very solid defense, but were not very explosive last year as an offense, so the addition of T.O. couldn’t hurt.  The one thing T.O. needs more than anything is a solid QB and Palmer if not spectacular is much better than anybody Owens played with last year in Buffalo.

In the end we will see if TMZ Sports is as accurate as TMZ is in breaking stories before the mainstream.