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Antonio Cromartie’s Wife Terricka Cason is Not Pleased With Necole Bitchie

Remember 2010 is the year of Moistness, so this shouldn’t be surprising.

Antonio Cromartie’s segment on HBO Hard Knocks having trouble remembering his kids’ names went viral thanks to some anonyomous sports blogger (I heard he is pretty cool dude, you might want to check him out here).

Cromartie has taken it pretty well, his excuse was to blame HBO for his stammering, but for the most part he has kept it moving and I respect him for that.

His wife though former VH1 Reality Show star Terricka Cason seems to be a tad bit upset at the attention Cromartie, his kids and their marriage are getting.

Necole Bitchie gave her opinion on a few things regarding Cromartie’s kids and their first dance as a married couple. Here is what she had to say:

So I went and googled these two and a video of their first wedding dance came up. This is more interesting than watching this guy trying to remember all 8 of his kids names. I mean, they did the Single Ladies Dance, Swag Surf, The Stanky Leg and The Dougie! Made my damn morning! I love ghetto weddings!

As a woman, I could NOT see myself settling down with someone with THAT many kids. good grief! I guess..

He’s cleaned up in the photos but on the episode they had him looking like a complete bust-down. I smell a Conspiracy!

I thought the wedding dance was cute (where was Big Baby Davis to teach them how to Dougie?), but overall what Necole said was pretty harmless stuff, but Terricka didn’t take it that way.  Check out her replies courtesy of

As you know I stay in St. Louis, and if it is true Terricka is from E. Saint Louis, Necole should be afraid, very afraid.

With that being said, not very lady like to get messy on twitter over a blog post, but it is obvious that Terricka dislikes Necole Bitchie more than Albert Haynesworth dislikes practice or Cromartie dislikes tackling in playoff games.

Braylon Edwards wishes this many people cared about him and his beard.