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JaMarcus Russell’s “Friend” Marcus Stevenson Takes Fall For Sizzrup Charge

Here is some hip hop history for you.

The Notorious B.I.G. and a friend were busted on a gun charge.

The friend realizing that BIG had a bright future in front of him in regards to his musical career took the rap (no pun intended) and went to jail for three and half years.

During that time BIG as we know blew up to super stardom and his boy when he got out of jail was taken care of for his sacrifice.

Which brings us to JaMarcus Russell who was caught sippin on that Purple Drank a couple of months ago.  Russell was arrested and is currently looking at some serious time, but his friend went to bat for him in court today.  Here are the details.

A friend of JaMarcus Russell took responsibility for mixing a codeine-laced drink that was found in the former Oakland Raiders quarterback’s bedroom during a court hearing this morning according to Katherine Sayre of the Mobile Register.

Marcus Stevenson was placed in handcuffs after he told a judge that he — not Russell — owned the codeine that was found during a July 5 raid of Russell’s house in Mobile.

During a hearing, Mobile County Sheriff’s Deputy Johnny Thornton testified that investigators executed a search warrant at Russell’s house at 2 p.m. and found him lying in bed.

Thornton said when authorities entered the house there were nine people, including two women, inside. Russell was found in the master bedroom, Thornton said, and “he said he didn’t have any clothes on.”

In response, defense attorney Donald Briskman called Stevenson — who said he’s known Russell since he was 10-years-old — to testify about the hours leading up the arrest.

Stevenson said they had partied at clubs during the night and were back at Russell’s house hanging out, as they often did.

He said he mixed the codeine drink and no one else was involved.

Despite the new testimony, Mobile County District Judge Charles McKnight sent the case against Russell to be considered by a grand jury.

Looks like JaMarcus and his friends were having a good time when police came busting through the door.  I am glad they allowed JaMarcus to put some clothes on, unfortunately I have no pics of the ladies JaMarcus was entertaining.

Maybe Mr. Stevenson is telling the whole truth or maybe he realizes it will be hard to access the 30 million that is JaMarcus bank account if the former Raiders QB is behind bars.

Either way Stevenson is ready and willing to take the blame if that means keeping his “Biggie” out of jail.

Looks like JaMarcus may skate on the serious charges so he can continue to persue his NFL career.