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Video: Lebron James Dunking Over Kids…Literally

Someone call Antoine Dodson:

“Hide Yo Kids!!!”

Especially if they are in the lane while playing basketball with Lebron James.

Poor little dude at the 12 second mark felt the wrath of Lebron going for a reverse dunk, but Lebron taught the young lad a valuable lesson.

When your opponent knocks you down don’t expect to be helped up.

Ironically Lebron’s blows the dunk, so maybe that is the reason he is scared to enter the dunk contest? When Lebron does decide to pass to a little girl, she blows two attempts at the lay up (can someone say Chris Bosh?).

I would not be surprised if Lebron did voice overs in the sequel to “Despicable Me”.

Before Lebron fan or South Beach NWO fan gets their panties in a bunch I am just having fun with the King of South Beach, I know he was playing with the kids for a good cause.

Wasn’t like he called any of the kids a “sidekick” or anything.

The King though should be very afraid of Antoine Dodson, because he will find you……..