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Report: If Brett Favre Pays Jenn Sterger She Won’t Talk to NFL

Even though Joseph Conway is acting as the mouthpiece for Jenn Sterger I know an inside scoop.

I know who is really advising Miss Sterger.

You want to know who it is?

Come close….


A little bit closer………..

Now listen to this:

That’s right Randy Moss is giving Miss Sterger legal advice.

In all seriousness I could have sworn someone told you that this is what was going on behind the scenes (wait it was me, see you can read it right here).

The Pioneer Press seems to confirm it.  Here are the details:

Jenn Sterger, the subject of the NFL’s investigation into Brett Favre’s behavior, would decline the league’s interview request if she and the Vikings quarterback reach a financial settlement that would prevent her from any potential legal action against Favre, the Pioneer Press has learned.

The settlement would include a confidentiality agreement between the two that would effectively stop the NFL, which does not have subpoena power, from speaking with her Sterger about Favre.

Here is what is interesting about Miss Sterger, she went from just a random woman in the Florida State stands, to model, to sports personality and now probably to millionaire.

Anyone who tells you that good looks can’t get you ahead in life is a bold face liar, because Miss Sterger most valuable asset and what had Brett Favre sending his “package” to allegedly wasn’t her brain.

You have to be somewhat bright to be able to flip good looks into a career and she was even smarter once the “Lil Favre” incident hit the mainstream to get a lawyer.

Favre is in dire need of Jack Bauer right now.

Favre is in a lose/lose situation here.

If he pays up, then he is basically buying her silence and in the court of public opinion seen as guilt and a dirty old man. Plus I am sure his wife will want a full explanation.

If he doesn’t pay and the NFL keeps sniffing around they may find hard evidence against him which will still make him seem like a dirty old man and he could be subjected to possible punishment.

Neither one is a good choice, but he is probably better off just paying her off and moving on, but I guarantee you he won’t be sending anyone else any pics.