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Orioles’ Reliever Alfredo Simon Wanted For Murder of Castillo Almonte

One of the dumbest traditions of all time is shooting guns on New Year’s Eve.

Even if you shoot your gun straight up in the air the bullet still has to come down. Also when you are intoxicated like most people are on New Year’s Eve handling a gun is not something you should be doing.

Every year we hear about shootings that would have never happened if not for this dumb tradition and now we have a MLB player running from the law because of  holiday gun play.

Baltimore Orioles reliever Alfredo Simon is the main suspect in the New Year’s Eve killing of a man in the Dominican Republic, police said Sunday.

The pitcher shot and killed 25-year-old Michel Castillo Almonte and wounded his 17-year-old brother during a New Year’s Eve celebration in the northeast coastal town of Luperon, police said in a statement. No motive was disclosed. Simon is from the Dominican Republic, and police said he fled after the violence.

Deadspin has a rough idea of what might have happened:

Piecing this whole thing together, it sounds like the younger Castillo shot a gun into the air in celebration of the new year. Simon was nearby – also, likely intoxicated – and may have been spooked by the sudden gunfire. So he shot in the direction of the blasts with his own fire arm.

Even though Simon has not turned himself in yet, he is proclaiming his innocence to Felipe Alou Jr., a Dominican representative for the Orioles.

It is innocent until proven guilty, but if he isn’t guilty he should go tell his side of the story to the authorities.

Guns are for protection not to play, just remember that next time you want to play Cowboys and Indians.