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Lebron James: I Wish The Cavaliers & Their Fans The Best

A lot of people mistakenly believe that the reason the Cavs are so bad is because Lebron left. That is by far the #1 reason, but to be this historically bad you have to factor in they have been hit with a lot of injuries. When they were fully healthy they were bad, but anonymous.

Once Lebron took their cornbread and key players started to dropped they became so bad, you want to watch the car wreck.

It would have been nice if Lebron said this quote, before he started to throw out Karma tweets.

“It didn’t matter for me if the Cavs were going to have a successful season or not,” James said. “I felt like I was making the right choice for me as an individual and for my career. Like I said, I have nothing bad to say about the players that I left and the team. I wish the organization the best. And I wish the fans, more than anything, the best because we had a lot of great years together.”

Even if he doesn’t believe that, it is taking the higher road. Never kick a man when he is down, because at some point you will need a helping hand up yourself.

If you are curious how bad the Cavs have been.

Cavaliers streaks: Lost 21, Lost 31 of 32, Lost 32 of 34, Lost 35 of 38, Lost 37 of 41

That is Sam Cassell Ugly.