Duke’s Kyrie Irving Accused Of Harassment By Model Miss Hawaii..See The Texts – BlackSportsOnline
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Duke’s Kyrie Irving Accused Of Harassment By Model Miss Hawaii..See The Texts

When you text, tweet, BBM, email, skype, carrier pigeon and etc, you must remember that it can be recorded.  Duke’s Kyrie Irving is currently learning that lesson the hard way.

I am not sure exactly what he did to make this young lady on twitter @MissHawaii upset, but she had no problem putting all his information out in the public.

Irving’s twitter has been deactivated, the reason for that is “unknown”.


Amongst her claims:

  • Harassment
  • Recording videos on Skype breaking the BYU Honor Code (that’s sarcasm)
  • A filed police report (which is possible to do online).

Is it true? Is she exaggerating?  Is she looking for her 15 minutes of fame?  That is up for you to decide, I am not accusing of Irving of anything, but it is certainly obvious she has a bone to pick with him, if for whatever reason she is lying, she should be punished for filing or attempting to file a false police report.

There are some claims that she was harassing Irving, she claims that is what prompted her to “expose” him.

The point is when you are in the spotlight, but very aware that nothing is truly “discreet”.

As an athlete, celebrity or any person to be honest, you need to understand that anything you say or do can eventually come back to haunt you.

Irving for his sake, better hope this is just twitter rambling and nothing of any substance, because Grant Hill won’t be able to bail him out.


Several new pieces of information about Miss Hawaii have been uncovered, read about it HERE.

The most damaging is that she possibly is a Bronx Backpage Prostitute, see the evidence below.